Planning and delivery, On-Time and On-Budget

Todays Aircraft are sophisticated and complex machines operated by Airlines using similarly complex systems and experienced personnel. Todays Aircraft Owners and Lessors are equally sophisticated and have long been able to see the benefits of investing in real assets that do not disappear in bad times.

The interface between these areas is not a place for the inexperienced or ill-informed. It is an absolute necessity to get advice from those that have navigated these difficult places and experienced both the good and the bad times.

Par Tem Aviation brings together the proven experience of people you need to ensure safe, thought-through, and well advised plans to ensure that your commercial aircraft asset is as good as it can be at all times.

With many years experience of commercial aircraft lease deliveries and returns, planning and technical services, resource management and attention to detail, Par Tem will ensure that your asset is the best it can be.

Par Tem has the expertise necessary to advise and support the technical status of your aircraft throughout its productive working life, ensuring that your expense is held to the minimum consistent with a safe and well-maintained life.